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Marriage is a unique celebration that reflects not only the union of two souls but also the fusion of different cultures and backgrounds. In this article, we’ll dive into the magical story of Hang and Miguel’s wedding at Histórias com Alma, a couple who decided to seal once again their promise of love on Portuguese soil, having already done so in Vietnam.

The couple’s preparations began in the early afternoon. The bride had her hair and makeup carefully prepared by Di Pinho Makeup and wore a dress with a transparent sleeve delicately adorned with beautiful leaf-shaped details which, combined with the headdress, gave a special touch to the look.

The groom wore a classic black suit. To complete his look, he opted for a bow tie that added a touch of modernity and elegance, not forgetting his sunglasses, which accompanied him throughout the sunny ceremony.

The ceremony was performed by Francisco, a celebrant from Histórias com Alma, and was more than just the celebration of a commitment, it was an experience filled with love and shared with the guests. The active participation of friends and family brought a unique and warm touch to the moment. For this moment, the bride had with her a bouquet of white peonies by Sublime Design Floral, which perfectly complemented the ceremony.

We couldn’t fail to mention the ring bearer, painted with the salt pans of Aveiro, which symbolized not only the couple’s union but also the groom’s hometown.

After the ceremony, the reception was marked by moments of joy and accompanied by the Music Box, responsible for all the entertainment at the event. Unlike the other weddings we’ve shared here, the reception ended with the cutting of the cake, which took place before the entrance to the dining room. A Menina do Bolo was the one that prepared their wedding cake.

Dinner followed in the dining hall, beautifully decorated by Histórias com Alma. In addition, along the tables, you could see a card with a little pun about a cocktail, a unique and fun detail.

The evening unfolded into a lively party, where Hang surprised the groom and their guests with a change of look.

The wedding of our dear Hang and Miguel transcended borders, cultures, and expectations, creating a unique narrative that we hope will be remembered not only by the bride and groom but by everyone who witnessed their union. A celebration where the meaning of the word LOVE was involved from start to finish and will remain an inspiration to everyone who believes that true love knows no barriers.

Photos taken by Pedro Costa Photography.

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