Before and After: How your dream wedding is created from scratch

We know that the wedding day is a big day and that there are a lot of details to consider to guarantee that everything goes smoothly and according to what the bride and broom imagined. The first step is to choose the venue, which should reflect the couple’s style, and consider the number of guests expected.

Vera and Daniel’s wedding is the perfect example that the wedding venue of your dreams might sometimes be your own house or, in this case, the area around it.

From a beautiful garden to enjoy that day’s weather and record some memories, to the tent where the dinner happened and later the party, this wedding, in Castelo de Paiva had everything a bride could dream of, but built “piece by piece”.

The preparation of this event began with the assembly of a tent provided by Sitio do Pascal, which created a comfortable space for dinner, some entertainment activities, and the party. In this type of event, there are indispensable supports, like WCs (Vendap), generators, and water sources.

Inside the tent the dining tables were set up, and the entertainment area was created, with a LED track, panel, and counter.

As the tent was located in a higher place, with plenty of sunlight, there was the need to install air conditioning equipment to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the day, not only for the guest during dinner but also for all the staff during the setup.

Casamento Vera e Daniel

From the chandeliers in the dining area to the garden lights, all of the illuminations were arranged by Luzes Castelo de Paiva, creating a magical setting and allowing the fun to continue even after the sunset.

On the balcony, located on the exterior of the tent, was created a lounge area for the guest to sit and chat, and even a placed a 360º video, provided by Festic.

The buffet and bar area was framed between the tent and the ceremony, merging with the lounge area.

Casamento Vera e Daniel

With the help of Maison Christina, that was responsible for furnishing this space, we created lounge areas next to the house’s garden.

The result was this area in a relaxed Boho style, ideal for relaxing and which served as the background for the photos with the bride and groom.

The ceremony took place in the garden by the pool, and on the porch was set up the choir, consisting of 12 elements plus instrumentalists.

Casamento Vera e Daniel
Casamento Vera e Daniel

Organizing a wedding from scratch means creating all the necessary infrastructures for it and satisfying all the needs, not only of the guests but also of all the suppliers, it is a meticulous and delicate job in which nothing can fail, and all the demands must have an immediate answer.

Unforeseen events? Yes, they happen, but having a plan B means having the answer at the needed moment.

Do we enjoy creating these weddings? Not only do we enjoy it, but it gives us enormous pleasure to fulfill our bride and groom’s greatest wishes.

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