Flowers and your wedding

For your wedding, you may already have thoughts about a theme like color or even an ambiance, but, you also need to think about the flowers.

Flowers are an implicit way to deliver so many messages. From the color to the quantities, by the choice of the species, flowers deliver an essence to your wedding. For instance, at a wedding with a really natural setting, you may use flowers like lavender or even herbal like Thyme or Rosmarin which brings you to a warm and natural atmosphere.

You may want some roses for a romantic vibe, but do you know each flower color has a special meaning? 

As everybody may know, red is connected to romance and that is why red roses are a symbol of love and passion for writers and playwrights… But many other colors give an implicit message. Like for example, white refers to innocence and purity, in reference to the traditional white bridal dress. 

Orange alludes to sincerity and fascination whereas coral reveals desire. Moreover, colors can have a different message when they are mixed together. For example, at Sofi and Luis wedding, they chose to combine yellow and purple which gave a really cute atmosphere of love at first sight mixed with a strong friendship, the essence of a relationship that will last.

Flowers are a very important part of the tradition at the wedding. Many women in couples are waiting for the toss of the bride’s bouquet. It’s a very traditional moment at a wedding where all unengaged women are crowded behind the bride and wait for her to throw away her bouquet. The first to catch it will be the next who is going to get married. 

So, as you have understood now, flowers are a very important part of your wedding that you need to think about. For that, working with us is a way to help with the different decisions you have to make for flowers but it’s also a way to work with high-quality flowers.

As an example, we work with two very talented florists you may know, Sónia Carmelita from Make me Happy and Filipa from Pé de Flor. They are two very passionate people who will help you to make your wedding a very magic floral moment. 

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