Wedding in Douro

It was before the Douro River, friends and family that Renata and Diogo exchanged their vows. A celebration full of love, complicity and a great friendship … This couple from Brazil chose the Douro Wine Region as a backdrop for the celebration of their big day. A day thought out in detail and dreamed of by both. 

The celebration started the day before with friends and family that they hadn’t seen since they came to Portugal, in the highly regarded Vintage House Hotel in Pinhão with a Port Wine tasting followed by a walk through the waters of the magnificent and imposing Douro River. 

The place chosen for the reception was Quinta da Marka, dedicated to wine tourism, located on the right bank of the Douro River, between Pinhão and Peso da Régua.

With a Boho inspiration, the entire decoration was designed in detail. The supplier responsible  Maison Christina’s decorative pieces, a floral art by Pé de Flor and an assembly of the various scenarios, this responsibility of our Get Married Wedding Planner team.

With a lace coming from Brazil, the dress was designed and made by the stylist Micaela Oliveira and the Hair and Makeup, by the hands of Jenny Makeup Land.

The celebration was held by the brilliant Mariano Salvatore Sarno with the rite of roses and a beautiful speech and a super passionate exchange of vows, witnessed by “Heavenly Father”.

DJ Mário Kitty and Brazilian band Lilian Raquel and the Bossa Nova performed, which turned the dinner into a real moment of animation. The whole party was toasted by Cocktail Emotion cocktails.

And in a Brazilian wedding that values ​​catering, it must have the many delicacies that make our mouths water and Chef Pippo left nothing to chance. The Brazilian table of sweets, this one also could not be missing, filled with delicious sweets and the famous well-married provided by Sucre & Cacao. The cake was made by the talented Bakewell and it was beautiful, to die for …

The day was immortalized by the Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography team, responsible for video and photography.

These were challenging days for our entire team, as Renata and Diogo knew what they wanted and everything was perfectly designed in their heads. These were days of intense work, which contributed to a beautiful result … A happy day and one that will forever be eternalized in the memory of this nice couple and each family member and friend.

To you, we wish you are eternally happy and that Heavenly Father is always watching over you and your little Gaia, a sprout of your love that, meanwhile, has sprouted in yet another beautiful love story!

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