Let's talk about Micro Weddings?

In times of pandemic, there is a need to adapt to new requirements and Micro Wedding could be a solution for couples who do not want to give up their big day with the most important people.

A Micro Wedding consists of a wedding with a guest list of up to 40 people. Closer family and close friends that are part of the history of the couple.

One of the advantages of Micro Wedding is the freedom it offers the bride and groom. If the bride and groom do not want to include all the components of a traditional wedding, it is super easy. There are no rules or limits and what really matters is that the day has the meaning and everything that the couple dreamed and found important.

We will not say that a Micro Wedding will be cheaper. No! As a rule, the budget is higher per guest, the wedding is more personalized and provides a different experience for guests.

But Micro Wedding has more advantages:

– It is less stressful to organize a wedding for 20 people than for 100;

– The budget can be smaller, as a catering for 20/40 people is completely different for 100;

– Spend more time with your guests;

– You are less restricted in dates and times;

– And lastly, they tend to be shorter.

Will we live your love?

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