Postponed and now?

Since the Covid-19 virus was installed in Portugal, questions started to be installed by our boyfriends! Do we postpone? Do we cancel? We wait? What we do?

The first e-mails and messages with these questions started to reach us as early as the middle of March. Our attitude has always been to calm and reassure all our fiancés, giving them our position that they should always consider postponing and never for cancellation. Thus, all the decisions made so far have been well thought out and taken together between phone calls, calls via Skype, Whatsapp …

It is a decision that no matter how much one has to make, it is not easy for couples who dream and plan in detail this day for one, two years … It is a lump in the throat, a tear that insists on falling, but we all have a certainty, we want a day full of happiness and closeness, “with lots of hugs and kisses”, as said by our bride Marta Ramos who postponed her wedding that would be on the 2nd of May.

Our mission is in the midst of chaos, which we also live in, to manage the whole situation in the most peaceful way. Yes, because it doesn’t just affect the lives of couples, it also affects our agenda and the lives of so many other professionals. It is gymnastics after gymnastics so we find a date that is common to all and without compromising the 2021 agenda of all suppliers that work with us.

To all the newlyweds who still have their day pending for this damned enemy of us all, wait with the calm and tranquility possible. The near future is uncertain and only as the days go by will they know the decision to make. It remains for us to trust and hope, whether on the date always dreamed or on a new date, your day will be special and unique!

As for our boyfriends, they know that we are here for everything, to elucidate and advise you in the best possible and clear way to make your day a perfect day!

Stay at home and cultivate your love even more!

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