Renan Radici in Portugal

On the 23rd of May, we were talking to our dear friend Renan Radici, Wedding Photography of Brazil!

With plans to settle in Portugal, he came to know the country, colleagues and other suppliers of the same area. When we invited him to get to know him better, his acceptance was immediate and full of sympathy.

Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice, was the scene of this pleasant meeting and of course the soft egg could not miss!

Passionate about the art of photography, he sees in photography not just a profession, but also a hobby, where he exerts it with extreme dedication and passion.

He discovered photography in 2011 when he was studying Business Administration at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. To record such significant and emotionally charged moments of other people had never happened to him before, let alone make a difference in their lives, with this mission so important is to freeze memories through an image!

This passion and the love that puts in his form of photography ended up infecting Andreia, his wife, today his most faithful photographer! Andreia is this your great support and help, friend, confidante and colleague of work and all this with love, of course, can only result in a job full of feeling!

As a designer, Andreia is responsible for the graphic part of the company, doing all the charting of the albums, branding the bride and groom and also takes care of the digital marketing part.

In addition to family and friends, his clients are his greatest inspiration, it is for them that he tries to improve every day, since many of them end up even becoming friends, which makes Renan always look for this overcoming in his photography and in this way to be able to deliver them an even better job.

In his photography he want to convey truths, the truth of people, because when you reach this goal he knows that he gaves himself completely.

Patience and perseverance are characteristics that he believes are responsible for having arrived where het got to this day. Giving up and bowing was never part of him, even when he heard “no”!

Photographer member of the directory of Inspiration Photografers since 2017 was nominated for the Golden Lens as Photographer Revelation of the Year and already has some awards, which he considers to be very important for the consolidation of his career and of course for your personal and company fulfillment.

Renan and Andreia already with company created in Portugal count on to fix residence in our country already next year. For now the trips to Portugal may be some, since they already have closed marriages here!

Were you curious ?!

Visit Renan’s website http://enanradici.comand get to know your work better.





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