Let’s get married? Let’s start where?

One year is enough time for your marriage to be organized successfully. Calmness and tranquility are the slogans for the result to be the perfect day that they both dreamed about.

First, they must choose the date, because only then can they consult the availability of the space.

Second, make a list of everything you have to do.
Set your budget, accounting everything down to the smallest detail.

Define what kind of ceremony do you want, civil or religious? Do you want to follow the traditional parameters or do you want to be more bold? Wedding on the beach? A religious ceremony with camp mass?

Responding to these and other questions, they can define the theme, the place, the decoration …

It follows the choice of spaces, reconciling with the availability of the Church or Conservatory and even the parish priest. Here begins the bureaucracy and resolution with all the paperwork that is necessary to begin the process of marriage.

Are you tired already and have not even started yet?

So maybe the right time to think about the help of a Wedding Planner.

They must choose the photographer and videographer in a timely manner, do not forget, it is they who will immortalize your day.

With the space chosen, you can define the theme and start contacting decoration companies.

It is also high time and if the space chosen does not have catering service, contact catering companies.

They will certainly want your guests to enjoy themselves. DJ or Band? Additional Animation?

It’s time to take care of the invitations and be careful to keep the graphic line of the wedding all together, contact a graphic design.

The special moment of the Bride: choose the Dress, see many models, inspire creators and also define the clothes and accessories for the Bridesmaids and girls of the rings.

The cake?

This one will have to be beautiful, elegant and delicious!

Also choose hairstyling and make-up, since these require proof and we do not want you to take risks.

The Fact of the Bridegroom, like that of the Bride, see many and counsel with professionals.

Wedding Night, choose with all your love and affection, after all it is your first night while married.

Also start research on the destinations where we would like to spend your honeymoon, do not forget the alliances.

With the dress and decoration chosen, it is best to ask for budget for the bouquet as well as the flowers of the lapels of the groom, father and godfather and church decoration.

Before delivering the invitations, it may be best to let the guests know in advance by doing Save the Date.

Check the dates of the wedding preparation courses (CPM).

We are very little off the big day, one to two months, set the protocol for the ceremony and do not forget to order or make the wedding souvenirs.

Think about the bachelor party with time and do not do it on the eve of the wedding, you can do it a week or even a month before the ceremony.

It’s time for the engage photo session, make-up and hair tests and all the beauty care you need.

Review all the wedding documentation and pack your bags for the honeymoon.

The last proof of the dress is required in the last days before the wedding.

The day before, see if you have everything, sleep well and eat properly.

On the day of the wedding, wake up early so that you can enjoy all the moments before the grand ceremony. At most, the Bride does not and should delay more than 15 minutes,

Enjoy the day, it is your day, the day that will be eternalized in your hearts!

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