Let’s talk about emotion?


We spoke with Carly Petracco and Isabel Nunes of Your European Wedding Celebrant (YEWC) and we asked them a few questions to better understand the importance of having a Wedding Celebrant and that’s when we realized we were talking about Emotion!

Why a Wedding Celebrant?

I believe the great reason why couples choose a celebrant is because more and more people are looking for something unique and personalized that mirrors their personalities, beliefs and lifestyle. I think people are tired of the cookiecutter model of conventional ceremonies. Hence, why many couples seek out our services. At Your European Wedding Celebrant, we work with each couple individually to create a totally unique and personalized ceremony for them. This is what marks our great difference and makes our work stand out.

What kind of couples come to you? The more relaxed or more traditional kind?

Mostly, they are more laidback couples. However, I feel that more and more, we are most sought after by all types of couples. Even the more traditional couple are beginning to be open to the idea of ​​hiring a celebrant, this is because we can easily meet all their desires and expectations. A celebrant will be available to hold a ceremony in a garden, on a beach, in a lounge, on a yacht or even in a hot air balloon, as we have already done at YEWC! A celebrant can create a ceremony with a neutral tone, but she may also create one with a religious tone, a spiritual tone or even in a more comedic tone. Because of this wide range of possibilities, I believe that even the most traditional couples are beginning to realize that a celebrant can easily fulfill their needs.

There is certainly a need to create a bond based on empathy with the bride and groom. It is not always easy is it?

Bonding and empathy with the couple are undoubtedly critical. Since it is a very intimate work, it is essential for the celebrant to identify with and understand the couple and their relationship so that they can generously transpose the couple’s love into the ceremony. However, it has not been difficult for us to create such bonds and empathy. In order to be a wedding celebrant, it is necessary to have a very open mind, be communicative and be very generous. If a celebrant has these characteristics, they will easily create a great relationship with the couple right away. If a celebrant does not have these characteristics then it might be best to seek another profession.

How do you manage the whole process, from contact to the long-awaited Day?

Wedding day is considered to be one of the most special days in someone’s life. Usually, it creates tremendous stress and anxiety for the couple. As celebrants, it is our job to accompany the couple from the first contact until the day of the celebration to ensure that the ceremony is exactly as they wish. The first interview is usually a very emotional experience for the couple, because it forces them to go back in time and remember how everything happened and to reflect on why they are getting married. Then we move into the writing of the ceremony, it is very important that the celebrant does not put her ego into writing. That’s why I speak about generosity! The celebrant must be aware that she writes for the couple and not for herself, and must be prepared to change the ceremony as often as necessary until it is exactly in accordance with the couple’s expectations. This is continuous work, starting from the time of hiring until the day of the wedding, obviously including the rehearsal, where we always guarantee our presence.

Does the Marriage Celebrant replace the civil registry, that is, is it also a justice of the peace/notary or does this type of ceremony require the presence of both?

No. The work of a celebrant has no legal validity, it is only symbolic. Usually, couples do the legal procedures before the day of the celebration. It is possible to include the legal part in a ceremony of this kind, however, we do not advise this. These ceremonies are usually a very intimate and emotional, and the intervention of a notary with the legal and bureaucratic elements always ends up breaking the rhythm and the emotion of the moment.

How would you characterize your work in two words?


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  • Margarida Dimas Folosa Posted 13 May, 2018 21:10

    Gostei imenso…um fantástico serviço para recomendar

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