Is Having a Wedding Planner a Luxury?

No, it is not a luxury to hire a Wedding Planner, as we have privileged contacts with several other professionals in the bridal world, being able to combine trustworthy and quality services at competitive prices, including alternatives. You work under budget, there are no excuses for last minute “surprises”! Determining a maximum value for marriage, a set of solutions is made, giving greater emphasis to aspects of the party that are important for the bride and groom, after all the day is yours and everything is planned according to what you most want for the wedding. your day. All in all, the final cost will not be substantially different, with the advantage that the bride and groom get rid of most of the bureaucracies and complications that can arise throughout the planning. And this is not so good? They know that your budget is not going to be exceeded, that they will always have someone ready to present you solutions and thus solve and present the best proposals for you within the bridal industry. Have someone who saves you the immense time in meetings with suppliers, who negotiates the best prices! Everything becomes so much easier and you live all the planning in a free and relaxed way, enjoying all the moments and decisions, because it is up to the Wedding Planner to supervise the suppliers of the most diverse areas from the contract to the execution of the work.

A Wedding Planner is a professional who assists in the creation of concept, organization, design and management of marriage. Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very time consuming and stressful when you do everything yourself. Having the help of a professional throughout the process will make the whole experience pleasant and organized rather than exhausting.

Hiring a Wedding Planner is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood savings tricks. For many it seems an unnecessary extravagance when the wedding budget is reduced; however, working with a Wedding Planner can really help save a significant amount of time and money because with our experience and network of suppliers we are able to recommend solutions that meet your expectations and budget needs. the main advantage is that we have a very clear understanding of the percentages that make up the overall budget and help balance all the aspects around the priorities with reliable partnerships that fit your profile and expectations. Having a Wedding Planner will prevent you from worrying, because if you deal with suppliers, negotiate contracts, schedule meetings, handle payments, and make sure deliveries are made in a timely manner, you’ll be free to relax and date, what do you think?

On the morning of your wedding all you have to worry about is to be beautiful and radiant and make the most of your day!

Most couples will get married for the first time and just know what they like and do not like, usually do not know the real value of it all. nowadays with the amount of information available online, it’s easy to be charmed with so many possibilities, but are they compatible with the budget? A Wedding Planner is a great creative resource, we analyze everything that the bride and groom wants for their day and give life to the idea always respecting your limits. adding the creativity, market knowledge and experience of a Wedding Planner to the process will help you get a clear idea of what you can achieve within your profile and budget.

Destination wedding

If there was ever a reason to hire a Wedding Planner, it was certainly the out-of-country wedding, the so-called wedding destination. Having a Wedding Planner is really critical when the wedding will not take place in the city and / or country where the couple resides. They do not know the city well, nor the country, let alone the suppliers. If organizing a wedding is difficult, then the distance a lot more can be! The Wedding Planner will be your eyes, ears and mouth and will make distance the least relevant factor in the organization process. Availability 24 hours a day, shorten distances, reports and summaries of everything that goes on will increase confidence!


Do not imagine how many times they will talk to your Wedding Planner, the amount of emails, messages and photos they will exchange. when they get it, they are making a video call at a late hour, but they can not imagine how much it represents! It represents an absolute surrender, bonds that are being created, a complicity that is emerging step by step and confidence. Trust is so, but so necessary and is so good when it exists! You know what? You will win a friend, your Wedding Planner!

I look forward to meeting you, let me embark on this dream of yours!

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