Elopement Wedding

Elopement Wedding, a wedding to two, perfect for anyone who wants to live the moment full of intensity. a moment lived only for two, this is a concept sought by couples who intend not to spend a lot of money, but don’t give up the celebration.

To elop means to escape and not return to the point of origin, the term in the nuptial world has turned into an “escape” for engaged couples who want to marry in super intimate ceremonies.

This type of celebration, in general, only counts on the bride and groom, the celebrant and the photographer. Many couples choose special locations for both or take advantage of to organize a super special trip to get married in a wedding destination.

Some couples later have a larger, more relaxed party, to “communicate” the celebration to family and friends. Others just gather close friends and family to show the wedding photos and video.

This concept is great for those who don’t see a traditional celebration or don’t imagine with such a complex organization. But it isn’t because an elopement is intimate that is less special because it requires organization and good professionals and a perfect design of what the couple wants for their day. As a rule, it results in super-exciting, super-personalized and gorgeous weddings.

But the idea of ​​Wedding Elopment goes beyond economics and practicality, as the couple wants intensity, depth, meaning and intimacy!

The purpose of this type of ceremony is to provide the couple with a unique and intense experience of celebration of love and complicity.

The Elopement in Brazil has more and more fans, but this concept has gained wings and by now there is already a certain curiosity.

Around here, we are anxious to perform a Wedding Elopement and while it doesn’t happen we leave you a video of our Brazilian colleagues Lorena Rodrigues and Junia Lane of Lápis Noiva. https://lapisdenoiva.com/


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